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#1 Original Non Toxic Glitter Wall Paint Est. 2009

A great way to add flair to your accent wall, playroom, dressing room, nursery, Bathroom, Boutique showcase wall, home office, Any themed room such as a princess room, ballerina room, lady bug or butterfly room, gardern or rainbow theme or a polka dot dream room.

Your imagination will create endless possibilities. 


A Topcoat which goes over any wall color and will show it's glitter finish soon after it's applied.

Our formula has no Toxic chemicals meaning zero VOC's .

Follow Us On Facebook Follow Us On Blogger Follow Us On Twitter Follow Us On YouTube Pinterest Follow Us On Instagram

Girly Me is the Only Non Toxic Glitter Paint Especially Formulated for Girls who LOVE  Glitter

 Our Quart size can has 200 x's more Glitter than our competition and  without ANY product recalls. This Non Toxic Paint was made with You the consumer in mind!

Glitter Wall Paint





Thank You for Choosing Girly Me

a high quality glitter wall paint

with Girly Me

You get what you pay for. 

Anything less is not the best.

Girly Me is Mom approved

 #1 Original

Non Toxic Glitter Wall Paint

Est. 2009

The #1 Healthies choice for your child

Tea Party

Unlike our Competetion Girly Me has NO product recalls because we have a Non Toxic Superior Formula.

Our ingredients contains No Formaldahyde, Chlorine, Petroleum sovents, Mercury or Lead.

Girly Me has 200x MORE Glitter than our Competition 

We are in the process of obtaining a Green Seal certification. 

Our Glitter Paint is THE Pretties & the Healthies Choice.



Thank you for shopping Girly Me

Every Girl needs a lil BLING on their wall


If it doesn't say Girly Me it's not an Original!

Girly Me Celebrate the Girly In You!

Please allow up to 10 business day for instock orders and for back orders please allow up to 6 weeks. Due to an overwhelming amount of orders the average ship time is about 10 business days 

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